Sokamba Workshops

Sokamba facilitates a series of creative workshops which nurture experiential learning. Each workshop draws on dance, music, theatre and visual art/crafts for participants to explore topics of communal well-being.

We offer five unique workshop topics, each topic spans a one-day program and is site-specific. Workshop topics are:



This workshop dives into the arts as a means to strengthen participants’ team working skills, build communal respect and explore conflict resolution methods. Creative exercises facilitate reflection on individuals’ strengths, weaknesses and natural leadership. The focus of the experience is allowing participants to bond through shared emotional growth and reflection.



This workshop utilizes creative reflection as a means to explore the intersectionality of participants’ identities. Artistic expression emphasizes each individuals unique story and the value their perspective holds. The focus of the experience is to motivate and empower participants through uplifting their voices.


Happily Healthy

This workshop guides participants through activities which explore the significance of caring for their bodies through exercise and nutrition. Creative practices dive into finding the balance between ease and effort in healing and thriving. The focus of the experience is for participants to find joy in living healthy through finding fun ways to care for themselves.


Sustainable Earth

This workshop allows participants to explore how they can live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Through reflecting on the relationship they have to their earth, creative activities guide participants in finding how small actions can enhance their immediate environment. The focus of this workshop if for participants to understand the role they play in creating a sustainable community.

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One Humanity

This workshop reflects on how participants are connected to their international community and how they can take ownership of global responsibility through every day choices. Creative expression allows participants to explore the cause and effect of human interconnectivity across cultures and values. The focus of this experience is for participants to recognize the power of their choice through reflecting on he role they play in their international community.