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State of the Arts 2016: A.I. for Good & Music that Transforms

This year’s STATE OF THE ARTS 2016: A.I. and for Good and Music that Transforms, presented by The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity and The Millennium Project with Brink Institute, focuses on the power of artificial (or machine) intelligence and music to transform our lives. From personal wellbeing, to education, arts and healing, this year’s event will honor both 2016 FutureVision Awardees; inventor of iWithin, Eric Shuss, and musician and composer, Ricky Kej.

Many stories in our media and entertainment paint a dystopic view of A.I. With fear and trepidation around the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI.) and the even more powerful thinking and learning Artificial General Intelligence (A.G.I.), we will explore a future where A.I. becomes a force for good, and helps integrate with humanity to make this world and our next worlds, a better place.

The evening will culminate in the presentation of the annual c3 FutureVision Awards preceded by a presentation and short film by FutureVision Awardee musician Ricky Kej, a Grammy-nominated composer and creator of Shanti Samsara: World Music for Environmental Consciousness. SOKAMBA's choreography and dance performance will be presented in ROBOT PRAYERS - an evolving 360 immersive fulldome and VR piece created by c3 AIR: visual artist, Audri Phillip, composer/musician, Winter Lazerus and choreographer/dancer Caribay Franke, with collaborative support from producer, Kate McCallum.

Later Event: April 15
World Art Day Gala 2017