Los Angeles-based SOKAMBA Performing Arts Company has been facilitating cross-media creation since its inception in 2013.

SOKAMBA is a collective of artists that produces live multimedia art shows, public interactive events, innovative night life celebrations, virtual reality experiences, and community outreach including art therapy and creative workshops for children and youth. 

SOKAMBA's Mission is to use the fusion of interdisciplinary art and technology to produce experiences that appeal to a multitude of senses and inspire a sense of harmony and community amongst its audiences.

In 2017, the company plans to expand its community outreach. Through art-therapy and community workshops, SOKAMBA hopes to cultivate the same welcoming and enriching environment that has inspired its own artists.


Rissi Zimmermann

Rissi has a deep passion for developing experiences which bring people joy. She strives to create safe spaces which liberate self-expression as a channel for communication across diverse communities. In 2013, Rissi founded the Los Angeles based SOKAMBA Performing Arts Company with the mission to foster roots of unity through the inclusive spirit of the arts. Part German and part Native American, Rissi was raised in a colorful and creative home as one of five daughters who all grew up dancing. She has been grateful to enjoy a dance career which has led her from cities across Europe to New York and Los Angeles. Rissi completed her studies at the University of Southern California as a recipient of the POSSE Full Tuition Leadership Scholarship and currently works in the USC Office for Diversity and Strategic Initiatives while dancing with CANTINAS Dance Project and Project 21, as well as leading SOKAMBA on its exciting journey.

Stevie Rae Gibbs

Stevie is a dancer, choreographer, and visual artist eager to use art as a means of community outreach and social impact. She received her degree in Visual Anthropology with an emphasis in Photography and Social Change from the University of Southern California. Her most recent project documents the lives of Central American, unaccompanied child migrants in Los Angeles and their experiences seeking asylum in the United States. She often fuses her work as a documentary filmmaker and photographer with installation art and choreography to create a multi-media, culturally inspired experience.